#1 – Top 5 Songs from Animated Films

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A movie is incomplete without a soundtrack of its own – especially animated films that are more reliant on the use of music and visuals than the use of dialogue. Lost in the hype of recent hits like ‘Let it Go’, many of us have forgotten about the older masterpieces that were (and still are) loved by people of all ages.

So here are 5 beautiful pieces of music that the world will probably never get tired of 🙂

How To Train Your Dragon – Forbidden Friendship

AHHH this composition is truly, truly mesmerising and beautifully portrays the growth of the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless (what an adorable little dragon *makes inhuman noises*). The accompanying video wonderfully paints a visual representation of the song and illustrates how Hiccup gradually gains Toothless’ trust, which is also when the song reaches its peak and picks up its pace 🙂

The Lion King – Circle of Life

Lebo M.’s famous Zulu verse at the start of this song captures our attention from the very beginning and immerses us into the realms of fantasy. This whole song gives me the feeling of euphoria, especially when Rafiki lifts the minuscule lion cub and the elephants start trumpeting, and the monkeys start screeching and the zebras start um zebra-ing…well, you get the idea!

Pocahontas – Colours of the Wind

One of the most lyrically beautiful songs I know, I fell in love with it from the moment I first listened to it. Judy Kuhn sings this song with such conviction and passion that it has become ingrained in the hearts of many and has left an indelible impact on a lot of us. And the lyrics. Just. Hit. Home. It’s so incredibly beautiful that it’s really just hard to describe in words :’) Also, have I mentioned that this song won an Oscar!?

Tangled – I See the Light

I have a feeling everyone already knows this song by heart but I HAD to put this on the list because it’s just straight-up adorable – it’s when both Rapunzel and Eugene realise that they deeply care for (and maybe even love) each other *squeals* The breathtaking visuals (I’m really just talking about the lanterns here) and the way Rapunzel and Eugene look at each other (*squeals again*) make for the endearing-ness of this song, too 🙂

Mulan – Reflection

Being the wonderful movie that ‘Mulan’ was, it had to be accompanied by just-as-wonderful songs, like this one! ‘Reflection’ is a musical representation of the main themes that ‘Mulan’ pivots on – such as, gender discrimination, misogyny and personal identity. It’s also particularly relatable to us – especially because many of us are often faced with family members who expect us to conform to social norms and stereotypes. But, back to the point, this is another one of the beautiful songs that Disney has given us 🙂

Written by Anonymous, edited by FC BOD’16


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