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BTW this is quite emotional we’re sorry

Dear rgs film club, today we’d like to take up issue with the massive-dare we say-betrayals and let downs that we feel the writers of x-men: days of future past had given our beloved x-men in the previous movie. A disclaimer before we start: other than the fact that this is just a massive rant on bad character analysis, not that we don’t completely stan marvel (be warned: we do), and not that you shouldn’t, but we always felt that this movie is a wonderful example of how cinnamon rolls of characters should not be allowed to be completely destroyed and have their own personalities robbed from them in the ugliest of ways (*ahem* see: hydra cap #sayitaintso).

Cinnamon roll of today: charles xavier. Now, we aren’t exactly people who are particularly interested in drawing parallels between different characters, mainly because they are different and have see above: their own personalities. But ngl: prof x does serve serious cap america vibes most of the time, and we’re sure you’d agree. [for your reference: good hair, fiercely loyal, has slightly deranged best friend (who, by the way, also has great hair) but still loves them, innocent cinnamon roll whose biggest wish is probably happiness of aforementioned best friend and also world peace and rainbows, has like a sister figure eg. natasha/ raven who can kick serious butt, makes this face 200% of the time (º̩̩́⌣º̩̩̀ʃƪ), should we continue]

In dofp, audiences see charles xavier closing his school (and uh, also his life in general) to the public , becoming a total recluse and pulling a metromanfrommegamindwhenheiswaypasthishaydayandhasbecomeahoboentirelywithbadsingingskills, and he is a mess. Like, really a mess. He’s dressing in like cable knit sweaters and doesn’t shave and drinks a lot and hank is like the fish from megamind who is basically a weird wild animal trying and failing to keep his friend together and not dying. And honestly, our hearts couldn’t take it. Other than the fact that seeing your favourite professor-whom everyone looks up to!!!! Don’t try to deny it-kinda basically “””dying”””, there is also the nagging feeling that this is utterly wrong!!!!! And just bad bad bad wrong and not good and hydra cap feels before hydra cap even came into existence.

Hank tells logan that charles has become like this because he has ‘lost everything’. Totally plausible, slightly cliched, but eh, we get it. right??? nah. Other characters becoming total recluses when they lose the things and people they love: sure. but!! not!! this!!! guy!!!!1!!11!! Not charles xavier, professor x, general all round cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs!!

There’s a certain criteria for acceptable potential ‘recluseness’: ego. the only one we can think of right now off the top of our heads (sorry) is the bad guy from the lorax. Look: super invested in his flourishing business, was getting over his head with making money, lost everything, became pretty sad and depressed. There’s a sense of: to really drop down so hard, they must have been very high up in the first place. nOT CHARLES XAVIER!! Don’t you see, marvel and friends: he’s missing this ego thing that you need to get up there to fall down in the first place. There was no sense of ‘oh, i am at the top of the world/ my game, i am winning at life’. It was all ‘i love my friends, i am at a good place emotionally, i am able to help lots of people, which is very important to me!! :-)))’

When charles loses all his friends and blah blah blah, we can’t be 100% certain that he won’t feel the way he did in dofp. But what we can tell you is that we are quite sure he won’t act that way, just because he’s professor x. This is the kind of character that will keep his feelings bottled up, and will put on a brave front because he is constantly thinking of the people around him and how he can better help them reach their full potential. We aren’t looking at erik lehnsherr here, people: LET ME DESTROY THE WORLD IN MY FIT OF ANGST (yeah okay we’re sorry about this one we’re sure eric wouldn’t be that shallow but you get the point). This is professor x who would give up everything for his students!!!!!!!!! And is just trying to make the world a better place and i mean if you really want to you can compare with cap whose losses at least are cannon/ not messed up by weird timelines. No trying to ‘oh let me make everyone around me miserable because i am!!!’ no!!!1 ‘let me try to fake a smile so that no one will notice i am dying inside’, aka our one of our favourite and ioo the saddest character types.

So here’s our pretty angsty rant about how we felt charles xavier was written really badly in dofp, and we have a lot of feelings about it and want to cry now.

Dropping our fake film reviewer/ angsty fangirl/ just basically marvel stan and trash mic, black widough+hawkrye

Written by Anonymous, edited by FC BOD’16



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