Bridget Jones’ Baby


This is a joint film review by Ashley Tan and Kiara Pillai (406).

When we spotted the large poster plastered on the walls on the side of the escalator that led to Shaw theatre, both of us squealed in delight, brimming with anticipation for the film that we would be catching. Finally, the moment to watch Bridget Jones’s Baby had arrived! Needless to say, we were beyond excited.

The film follows the shambolic heroine Bridget Jones and her rather catastrophic love life, bringing the audience on a journey of laughter, tears, and second-hand mortification as we watch her life (literally) fall apart before our very eyes. To be quite frank, we have probably never laughed so hard in our entire lives. Seeing that both of us have had different experiences vis-a-vis the Bridget Jones franchise, we’re going to share our own thoughts on the new film below. Check out this space!

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FC Outreach DAY 5

Theme: Miscellaneous


Send us [] articles about ANYTHING (so long as it’s related to film! 🙂

Some ideas:

How it should have ended, Best/Worst book-to-movie adaptations, Favourite director, Favourite film, Favourite genre, Most memorable movie scenes/quotes…and the list goes on

Let your imagination run wild today and have fun writing!! ❤



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BTW this is quite emotional we’re sorry

Dear rgs film club, today we’d like to take up issue with the massive-dare we say-betrayals and let downs that we feel the writers of x-men: days of future past had given our beloved x-men in the previous movie. A disclaimer before we start: other than the fact that this is just a massive rant on bad character analysis, not that we don’t completely stan marvel (be warned: we do), and not that you shouldn’t, but we always felt that this movie is a wonderful example of how cinnamon rolls of characters should not be allowed to be completely destroyed and have their own personalities robbed from them in the ugliest of ways (*ahem* see: hydra cap #sayitaintso).

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#1 – Top 5 Songs from Animated Films

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A movie is incomplete without a soundtrack of its own – especially animated films that are more reliant on the use of music and visuals than the use of dialogue. Lost in the hype of recent hits like ‘Let it Go’, many of us have forgotten about the older masterpieces that were (and still are) loved by people of all ages.

So here are 5 beautiful pieces of music that the world will probably never get tired of 🙂

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#2 – Bollywood Masti

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The Bollywood industry is recognized throughout the world for its emphasis on evoking emotions in the audience through the use of plotlines that are generally over-dramatized and exaggerated, but, believe it or not, this formula HAS worked wondrously many times 🙂

Here are just a few Bollywood films that have captured the hearts of many!

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#1- Kahaani

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“Who are you?”

“What difference does it make?”

What makes a Bollywood film? Budget-defying dance numbers? Chiseled, heroic male leads? Flamboyant male sidekicks trapped in an endless cycle of self-deprecating humour? Kahaani (2012) opts to go the other way. A different kind of Bollywood film, it has a stripped-down tone that allows it to focus on the story. And Kahaani, whose title itself means “story” in Hindi, certainly knows how to do story.

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