#1 – Movies Coming Your Way in 2016

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Hey there! Hope you’ve been having a stellar June holidays so far. This is the time for sleeping, eating, and more importantly, MOVIE BINGING. Here are some movies in the upcoming half of the year for you to await excitedly (with a few you can watch with your friends this June!). Let’s get into it.

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FC Outreach DAY 1

Theme: 2015/2016 Films


Today’s the first day of FC Outreach Week 🙂 Send us articles [rgsfilm@gmail.com] about some of your favourite/least favourite films of 2015/2016 or upcoming movies to look forward to!!

Fangirl/rant all you want and have fun writing!! We can’t wait to read all your articles 🙂



Fathers And Daughters


Since December, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the film “Fathers and Daughters”, which stars various celebrities that many of us would be familiar with – Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Aaron Paul and Octavia Spencer. For those of you who are, like myself, incapable of isolating yourselves from romance films, you probably would have watched one of Nicholas Sparks’ more prominent movies “Dear John”, where Seyfried starred as the beautiful and smart woman known as Savannah. Russell Crowe is also no stranger to the film industry, having won an Academy Award and portrayed the role of Inspector Javert in the latest renditin of the popular musical “Les Miserables”. Continue reading

Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings, more like kill my feelings.

Before I start gushing, let me set the premise. Because when it comes to this film, simply saying it’s based on the Beat Generation is not enough- it’s not like most other Beat films.

The film begins with budding poet Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) unexpectedly accepted into Columbia University for a degree in poetry, and urged to go by his renowned-poet-father although his schizophrenic mom frantically pleads him not to. Stepping into the prestigious campus, he is immediately taken in by the hedonistic and charismatic rebel student Lucien Carr (Dane Dehaan), and quickly befriends him. Carr has a dream of starting a new literary movement that would erase conventional poetry- assonance, rhyming, vanilla subject matters- from the public’s minds. However, lacking the chops to do so, he surrounds himself with Ginsberg, “real writer” Jack Kerouac and caustic-druggie-in-a-pinstriped-suit William S. Burroughs while immersing Ginsy into NYC’s bohemian drug, booze and jazz filled underbelly. The cogs turn and the plan is soon set in motion (predominantly helped along by Ginsberg’s immense talent, discovery of amphetamines and infatuation towards Carr) to overthrow the institute’s stick-in-the-mud uptight ways and the current literary status quo. However, obstructing this team of literary Avengers is David Kammerer- Carr’s much older, obsessed sexual stalker-lover-homeworkdoer who just refuses to take a hint. When Carr takes aggressive measures to end their twisted relationship, the Beat Generation is caught in a murder investigation.

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Under Electric Clouds

Pod Electricheskimi Oblakami

A month ago, Singapore hosted a film festival, screening dozens of international films, all of which were connected in two ways- they were super-indie and super-hard-to-understand. They were all gems amongst international film- or so I’m told. I didn’t watch all of them because I’m a broke student. However, I did get to watch one particular film so here are my carefully collected thoughts on it.

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Sweet. Spicy. Tangy

The cast of Our Sister Mambo from bottom left, in clockwise direction: Joey Leong, Ethel Yap, Oon Shu An, Michelle Chong, Audrey Luo, Moses Lim.

The cast of Our Sister Mambo from bottom left, in clockwise direction: Joey Leong, Ethel Yap, Oon Shu An, Michelle Chong, Audrey Luo, Moses Lim.

Produced by Cathay in commemoration of its 80th anniversary, Our Sister Mambo is the newest local romantic comedy to hit theatres this week. Inspired by iconic Cathay classic Our Sister Hedy, it illustrates the lives of the Wong household and the hijinks they get up to. The life of Mrs Wong (Audrey Luo) revolves around watching Korean dramas with her movie buff husband (Moses Lim), praying for her daughters to get married, and being constantly exasperated by those selfsame daughters. Continue reading

#4 – The Dark Knight Rises

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In the final installation of Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy (which largely, is quite a masterpiece), Batman has been laying dormant for eight years, having taken the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes, Selina Kyle (catwoman) and mercenary Bane force him to return. As Bane’s army gains control of Gotham, Batman has to face his final battle to protect the citizens of Gotham.

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#3 – Age of Ultron: Part 2

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Part 2:
Here’s where we have fun, death, destruction, angst, tears and heartache. Yay. We basically have everything that happened, but more in detail with more character development. Brucetasha would be trying to sort their stuff out or maybe they’re already together idk. Cap would be brooding over how to handle everything. Fury would be Fury. Clint owns a farmhouse so there. Tony would find Jarvis still there. We have a little more Helen Cho, being a little smarter than ‘break-the-thing-and-pray’, they get the body, Nat gets captured, basically swapping her life for the chance that the other body thing will help the team, Bruce and Tony don’t fight, they get the body and create Vision.

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#2 – Age of Ultron: Part 1

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So, yes, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, clearly, this topic has been beaten to DEATH but it doesn’t matter now. Frankly, I really think that AOU should’ve been separated into 2 movies, I mean, if ONE book can be dissected into 2 films or even 3 (lookin at you, Hobbit) then why not a comic? Afterall, there is A LOT to cover in AOU.

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