#1 – Top 5 Songs from Animated Films

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A movie is incomplete without a soundtrack of its own – especially animated films that are more reliant on the use of music and visuals than the use of dialogue. Lost in the hype of recent hits like ‘Let it Go’, many of us have forgotten about the older masterpieces that were (and still are) loved by people of all ages.

So here are 5 beautiful pieces of music that the world will probably never get tired of 🙂

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#3 – The Parody Film

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Becoming more popular in recent times, the parody film is a film, which intentionally mocks a particular genre or type of movie (like when Scary Movie mocks Scream, and the genre of horror) in as humorous and satirical way as possible. The trick, of course, lies in striking the right balance between original comedy as a stand-alone film and spoofing other films. Unfortunately, most films fall just to the side of this tightrope (and crack their heads open, full gore. Seriously, the sheer amount of awful parodies is endless). Just so you know what to look out for, here’s my list of best and worst parodies.

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End of Day 3 (FCOW’15)

AND with that, we end Day 3 of Film Club Outreach Week. Thank you for sending in those articles! We loved reading them, and truly, isn’t criticising movies just the most fun? We would love for you to continue sending us articles Day 4 is So You Think You’re A Film Junkie! Write about film trivia and technique! Talk about directors and the Academy Awards (or even, the raspberry awards) and anything and everything under the sun! It’s your day to do as your heart pleases.

To end off today, here are the articles that were featured:

  1. Why Directors WHY
  2. 8 Films That Shouldn’t Exist
  3. The Harry Potter Series
  4. Minions or Despicable Me?
  5. The Three Investigators and The Secret of Terror Castle
  6. Birdemic: Shock and Terror
  7. Things I am Extremely Salty About Circa 2015 PART 1
  8. The Hobbit: The Blowing Up of the Five Pages
  9. Things I am Extremely Salty About Circa 2015 PART 2
  10. Things I am Extremely Salty About Circa 2015 PART 3

Now, here is one of our favourite honest trailers, on the disorienting and nonsensical masterpiece, Interstellar.



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#8 – The Hobbit: The Blowing Up of the Five Pages

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Gear up for Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, which is obviously the best, because it finally means it’s over (like episode III. But let’s not delve into that because I have a whole other issue with that). Or in other words, why The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is the worst installment yet. Yes, it truly breaks my heart to say this. The cast is amazing. Martin Freeman was perfection, just oozing charm. Richard Armitage was great. It is literally the last we’re going to see of Middle Earth- a world I’ve fallen in love with time and time again (and I am not kidding when I say that, because I read the trilogy. Yeap, you heard right. I have not only read that humongous demon of a book called Lord of the Rings, but also, reread it every holiday). And yet, it was horrible.

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#6 – Birdemic: Shock and Terror

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A bird film that you would find to be rude to be classified as a bird film.

First off, this movie is old; like, 7 years ago old. Most of you probably haven’t watched this movie, but you’d realise how bad it is from looking at the reviews given. Acknowledgements: I found this movie courtesy of the YouTube Channel CinemaSins, a channel that nitpicks at films and movies of most genres. They’re not meant to be taken seriously and if you feel defensive after watching one of their Harry Potter videos or whatever, just know that they’re being sarcastic and nitpick-y most of the time.

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#4 – Minions or Despicable Me?

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Despicable me is overrated. Or, more specifically, the main stars of it.

Where should I begin? For starters, I nearly typed “Minions” instead of the original movie title. That tells you a lot about how the media has brainwashed me into completely forgetting the entire plot of Despicable Me itself.

Instead, I’m thinking about yellow and overalls and an entirely made-up language.

What happened? A completely decent movie about a supervillain who is ready to vanquish all in his way (but is then overcome by the unstoppable force that is little girls) was twisted viciously into an almost mindless cult-worshipping of Minions by the fanbase. Have you ever seen a Gru phone cover? Nope. A bag? A skateboard? Even an entire car? These are all legitimate Minions merchandise that suddenly spawned rapidly in a short time period and then grew to dominate the internet. People find minions synonymous with cute. And at first, I didn’t mind- until my friends began setting the banana song as their ringtones and alarms and people who discussed the plot of Despicable Me didn’t so much discuss it as throw themselves down to revere the Minions. I sound bitter (I might actually be, a tiny bit) but the Minions have actually ruined the entire Despicable Me series for me with its almost cruel explosion of franchise and complete devotion to of the public. I get how they would be endearing, with their lumpy potato forms and their bulging eyeballs and their pre-pubescent male voices, but people seem to be treating them with the same awe as you would a cosmic deity.

That makes me slightly ticked off.

Minions are kind of despicable.

Written by Audrey Wan, edited by FC BOD ’15