#1 – Top 5 Songs from Animated Films

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A movie is incomplete without a soundtrack of its own – especially animated films that are more reliant on the use of music and visuals than the use of dialogue. Lost in the hype of recent hits like ‘Let it Go’, many of us have forgotten about the older masterpieces that were (and still are) loved by people of all ages.

So here are 5 beautiful pieces of music that the world will probably never get tired of 🙂

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#4 – The Dark Knight Rises

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In the final installation of Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy (which largely, is quite a masterpiece), Batman has been laying dormant for eight years, having taken the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes, Selina Kyle (catwoman) and mercenary Bane force him to return. As Bane’s army gains control of Gotham, Batman has to face his final battle to protect the citizens of Gotham.

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#1 – Good Films Ruined by Horrid Endings

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I hate to say it, but a film is only ever as good as its ending. No matter how enjoyable it has been up to that point, a naff tawdry ending has the potential to completely moot the better areas of the film. Endings have the momentous duty of providing closure and catharsis. So what makes for a bad ending? Those that eschew closure and catharsis to instead provide a ludicrous plot twist, a completely unnecessary cliffhanger, astounding tonal shifts that betray all of the build-up before and godawful celebrity cameos. That’s just to name a few. Oh there are so many ways for a film to go so very very wrong. So bear with me as I unearth unpleasant memories of the three most terrible endings in film history (according to me).
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End of Day 4 (FCOW ’15)

Hey everyone!

Thank you for participating in Day 4 of Film Club Outreach Week! It has been wonderful, and we feel rather morose now that it’s so close to the end but fret not, we still have one more day of filmy goodness to look forward to! Tomorrow’s theme is, of course, How It Should Have Ended. Send in articles on how you would like to change the ending of any movie and what it should have been! No matter how crazy, funny, absolute bonkers your idea is, send it in to rgsfilm@gmail.com!

Now to end today off, here are the articles which were featured!

  1. Book To Movie Adaptations (Insurgent)
  2. 5 Films No Film Junkie Would Miss
  3. The Parody Film

Have fun reading them and all those before them and keep the comments coming in too! We love it when you talk it out online and debate about films 🙂


Film Club BOD ’15

#3 – The Parody Film

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Becoming more popular in recent times, the parody film is a film, which intentionally mocks a particular genre or type of movie (like when Scary Movie mocks Scream, and the genre of horror) in as humorous and satirical way as possible. The trick, of course, lies in striking the right balance between original comedy as a stand-alone film and spoofing other films. Unfortunately, most films fall just to the side of this tightrope (and crack their heads open, full gore. Seriously, the sheer amount of awful parodies is endless). Just so you know what to look out for, here’s my list of best and worst parodies.

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#2 – 5 Movies That No Film Junkie Would Miss

(because they’re super rad)

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Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

 This movie appeals to both action and humor lovers. The perfect combination of corny jokes and fast paced fight scenes is what will make you love this movie. We follow our hero Eggsy and his companion, Roxy, as they aspire to become the best Kingsman agents ever. Colin Firth is a beautiful in this movie, who helps Eggsy echo his father’s footsteps and become the perfect gentleman. Matthew Vaughn’s style is brilliant too. Unexpected, yes, and sometimes painful, but brilliant. As the movie progresses, the grand narrative is coupled with the small storylines that we will care about just as much as the main one, like Eggsy’s mother. Overall, the movie is a fun family watch, enjoyable by all ages!

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